Dr. phil. Ute Schürings

schürings kommunikation interkulturell has been founded by Ute Schürings, a former associate professor at the University of Cologne. Ute is an experienced trainer who has been conducting workshops on the issues of diversity, organizational culture and New Work for fifteen years.

She has published several books on the issue of intercultural communication and received additional training in the field of „Facilitating Change in Agile Organizational Development“.

For many years Ute has supported teams in change processes also exploring new ways for more participation. Her goal is to provide opportunities for a deeper mutual unterstanding – in teams, in corporations, but also at the international level.


1991-1996 Cultural studies at universities of Aachen, Amsterdam und Berlin with a focus on national identity and literature (majors: European Studies, Romance, Dutch Literature, German Literature)

1997-2000 Le Monde diplomatique (Berlin), editorial work and public relations.

2001-2002 University of Amsterdam doctoral scholarschip

2002-2005 University of Oldenburg, research assistant and lecturer (Dutch cultural history and literature; German-Dutch relations)

2005 doctoral degree (Dr. phil.; summa cum laude)

2005-2007 University of Cologne, associate professor (cultural history and literature of the Netherlands, German-Dutch relations)

2008 Foundation of schürings kommunikation interkulturell, begins working as a trainer/coach for intercultural communication with a focus on the Netherlands and Belgium

2009-2015 Extension of her field of activity: development of a series of seminars on business culture in Central and South Eastern Europe.

2017/18 Certificate “Facilitating Change in Agile Organizational Development (school of facilitating, Berlin)

Several long-time stays abroad in France, Italy, Greece, Argentina, Chile and Western Africa

Elena Schmitz

Elena is a Design Thinking facilitator, systemic coach and presenter. In her workshops she helps teams to employ co-creativity to develop new ideas and strategies. This in turn helps her clients to find solutions for questions regarding the future, products, business models and new forms of cooperation in the context of New Work. She supports teams in change processes and helps them increasing particiption in their work.

Having founded and led the digital agency Interlogue, she received additional training as a Design Thinking coach and communication trainer, and in 2015 decided to inspire creativity not just in the agency but directly with her clients.

Elena ist deeply convinced that, in order to shape changes construcively, in this accelerated and interdependent world we need a self-aware and stable core.


Communication design (University of Applied Sciences)

Systemic communication trainer (Learn & Change Berlin)

Coach (ifapp, NLP-Master, DVNLP-certified)

Business Model Innovation (WINIMIS project at Dresden Technical University)

Facilitating Innovation with Means of Design Thinking (International Summer School of Creative Entrepreneurship – ISSCE at Berlin University of the Arts)

Ingeborg Lindhoud

Ingeborg Lindhoud is a certified intercultural trainer, change-manager and coach. Being Dutch herself and haveing over fifteen years of experience working in Germany, she is closely familiar with cultural differences between the two countries. She supports cooperation between German and Dutch companies with trainings and one-on-one coachings.

Moreover, she is an expert on general cultural standards, which need to be considered in intercultural cooperation. „It is better to talk with one another that to just talk about one another.“  One the basis of this belief she supports international companies developing an inclusive team and working culture.

Ingeborg does not hear just the loud, but also, and particularly, the quiet sounds – and she loves, to bring both of them into harmony, with a sound basis in theory, but respectful of the individual timbre.


Studies of German and Slavic literature at University of Leiden, Netherlands

Certified intercultural trainer (Friedrich-Schiller-University, Jena, Germany)

Certified intercultural coach (Friedrich-Schiller-University, Jena, Germany)

Certified intercultural change manager (Friedrich-Schiller-University, Jena, Germany)

Certified systemic team coach (ICO, Augsburg, Germany)

Intercultural Readiness Check

Conflict moderation

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